Romance Among the Red Rocks at Enchantment Resort in Sedona

Real Wedding
September showers set the backdrop for Tansey & Andrew's rustic wedding.
Written by
Sarah Patterson


Arizona Bride 2023 Spring/Summer

As Tansey Schoonover planned her wedding day over the course of a year and a half‭, ‬never in her wildest dreams did she envision‭ ‬rain on a September day in Sedona‭. ‬As the wedding party and guests waited for an off-the-radar downpour to slow down‭, ‬Tansey watched her carefully crafted outdoor ceremony and reception settings become drenched‭. ‬Sad but calm‭, ‬she and Andrew Cote‭, ‬her groom‭, ‬were not willing to relinquish their dream of an outdoor wedding among the stunning red rocks‭. ‬During a short break in the rain‭, ‬guests ventured outdoors with white umbrellas to witness the Austin-based couple walk down the aisle to bagpipes and exchange‭ ‬vows surrounded by a breathtaking crimson backdrop‭. ‬To celebrate their Celtic heritage‭, ‬Tansey and Andrew chose to include the‭ ‬ancient ritual of handfasting in their ceremony‭, ‬in which an infinity knot is created from three ropes and ties the couple’s hands together‭, ‬symbolizing the creation of a new family unit‭. ‬As the destination wedding weekend’s main event evolved into the reception‭, ‬a rainbow replaced the heavy rain‭, ‬and the personal details carefully planned by the bride stole the show‭. ‬From cocktail napkins featuring their dog‭, ‬Birdie‭, ‬to the‭ ‬’70s record album covers that family and friends signed as a unique guestbook‭, ‬Tansey and Andrew made sure to thoughtfully create‭ ‬a day that was completely them‭. ‬The couple adored the beauty of the red rock scenery‭, ‬so they elevated the color scheme with bridesmaids’‭ ‬dresses and florals of the same desert palette‭. ‬Although the ceremony was Tansey’s favorite memory of the entire wedding weekend‭, ‬the lively dance party that began at the rehearsal dinner and picked back up at‭ ‬the reception was a very close second‭. ‬

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