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Plan the unrepeatable!
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For couples seeking to transform their special day into an unforgettable celebration, Soul Agave emerges as a guiding light when it comes to wedding planning. Founded by Dominique Mattessino, this passionate leader and her dynamic team are committed to creating unrepeatable wedding experiences.

In this exclusive Q&A, Dominique shares the essence of Soul Agave, her journey into the world of wedding planning, and her team's approach when it comes to crafting one-of-a-kind experiences. With a passion for organization and an obsession with details, Soul Agave goes above and beyond to turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Whether you've just made the leap into wedding planning or are in need of a little expert advice, Dominique shares her insight, inspiration, and success stories for the soul.

Q1: Tell us about your company's background and what inspired you to start a career in wedding planning.

Hmmm well for starters, I’ve always been the “planner.”  You know the type. Yeah, I’m that friend. From monthly family gatherings, previous business events, weddings, all.The.Things. I live for the small moments. And to back that, my superpower has always been reverse-engineering. I can envision the big finale before we even start. Making it pretty naturally to me! There you have the emergence of SOUL AGAVE.

It means “soul of all desert plants”,  and with us located in the heart of the Arizona desert, our view being the Superstition Mountains, and an expert of celebrating the joining of “souls”, it felt right! And there was no telling me otherwise. 

But if you need more convincing I am an Aries, New Jersey native and Enneagram 3w2, which tells you everything you need. 

Ashley GuiceAshley Guice

Q2: What services does your wedding planning company offer, and what types of weddings do you specialize in?

There are two sides of Soul Agave, 1. Is wedding planning, Duh. But we also do proposal planning. 

But Here's a little more about our offerings... But for the most info, hit us up!

Proposals: We create a custom path for each proposal - let's build it! This means custom ideas + full planning and execution! The goal is for the client to only focus on what to say. We will handle the rest.


  • Full Planning: Fully guided. We handle the planning and logistics, taking the stress away. Your only job is to enjoy the wedding day of your dreams.
  • Partial Planning: You already have a vision or just booked a venue, but aren’t sure how to bring it to fruition. We will help you organize and tie up any loose ends to bring your vision to life.
  • Month of Coordination: Every couple deserves a day-of wedding planner to relieve stress and ensure their day goes off without a hitch. When the design and vendors are set, we'll be there to handle the details of your unforgettable event.

P.S. Exciting new service coming in January 2024! EEEEEK!

Taryn Schae PhotosTaryn Schae Photos

Q3: Can you describe the typical process couples go through when they hire your services?

Yes, it usually starts off with a call. I listen and let you know how I can help. You will recieve an invoice + contract immediately. 

If we are the right fit, then we dive right into planning! From there we are will you from beginning to end! But you choose on how much!

Casey Sapio PhotographyCasey Sapio Photography

Q4: What sets your wedding planning services apart from others in the industry?

Refer to question 1. LOL. Lots of laughs, but seriously. I refuse to treat couples like a number. They matter. Building relationships is a must.

But don’t take it from me. Here’s what my clients say: “Dom listens. Really listens. She’s a no-BS-best-friend. Dom helps us set our expectations for every decision we make. She makes us feel at ease. She not only learns what we want —- down to the tiniest detail — she also anticipates what can go wrong.”

Ethan BeazleyEthan Beazley

Q5: How do you work with couples to bring their unique wedding visions to life?

Our tag line is:  “plan the unrepeatable.” By definition, unrepeatable is unique – as is every couple. So, I listen. I ask questions. I translate their vision and story into real-world magic.

Green GiraffeGreen Giraffe

Q6: What tips or advice do you have for couples who are just starting their wedding planning journey?

That a wedding is not the kind of event you should entrust to just anyone. Period. My list of advice is endless. Interview multiple vendors. Keep in mind – finding the best vendor isn’t just about experience and skill; it’s also about reliability and connection. P.S. That doesn’t mean hire your friends. LOL

Ashley Guice Ashley Guice 

Q7: How do you handle unexpected challenges that may arise during the wedding planning process or on the wedding day itself?

Challenges are expected – from logistical glitches to family feuds and emotional breakdowns. As your no BS-best friend I’m here to tell you, there is no way around that. We handle everything. We always pick up. We listen, provide support, and troubleshoot ways to move forward. “Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me.” #kimpossible

Ethan BeazleyEthan Beazley

Q8: Do you offer any eco-friendly or sustainable wedding planning options for couples who are environmentally conscious?


The OutloversThe Outlovers

Q9: What do you love most about being a wedding planner, and what keeps you passionate about your work?

I love all the pieces – systems, logistics, and creativity. It fills all of my buckets. (And most of my nights end with me on the dance floor – it doesn’t get any better!)

Casey SapioCasey Sapio Photography

Q10: Can you share some success stories from couples you've worked with in the past?

Absolutely - but I'd rather have my clients tell you themselves ... 

"I have nothing but AMAZING things to say about Soul Agave. My husband and I had Dominique for our Day of Coordinator and she truly went above and beyond and handled EVERYTHING the day of. I didn't A SINGLE WORRY the entire day of my wedding. My guests loved her, she kept everyone on schedule, and was SO FUN! One example of just how amazing she was, our polaroid camera batteries died, and I heard later that she door-dashed batteries. We couldn't have imagined the day without her there. 100000/10 I recommend Soul Agave!!!!" – Chloe

Mother of a bride: "Dominique with Soul Agave was an absolute gem!!! We met her at the Phoenix Wedding Expo and she was the BEST find!! We had a venue already, and a coordinator that was at the venue, but Dominique explained the benefit of having a Day of Coordinator. There are SO MANY little details you don’t think about!! Well let me tell you, SHE made all the difference in the world!!! She helped walk us through planning details, timelines, and ideas. She was there to assist in all areas of the day, and acted like a personal assistant to myself and my daughter, the bride. She worked with, and coordinated with all the other vendors like a pro, coordinated the time lines for the wedding party, even packed my car up at the end of the night!! As a Mother of the Bride, it allowed me to relax, and not stress about all the details of the day. I was able to be truly present for all the festivities. I would without a doubt recommend Soul Agave for your special day!! You won’t be disappointed!! 10 out of 10!!”

"I cannot recommend Soul Agave enough!! We worked with Dominique to plan our wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dominique was amazing every step of the way! She was so organized and efficient that I was not worried about any of the details the day of our wedding or leading up to the wedding. She took care of the big stuff and the small stuff. She coordinated with all of our vendors to make sure our wedding went off without a hitch. She set up and tore down all of our wedding decorations and made everything look beautiful. She was also a guide for the wedding party throughout the night, so everyone knew where they needed to be!" - Lindsey

"I love Dominique and feel that my wedding would not have been the same without her! She’s absolutely worth working into your budget just for peace of mind, but she goes over and beyond anything you could possibly dream up!" - Alysha B.

From a venue: "I had the pleasure of working with Dominique at the Japanese Friendship Garden. As the Venue Manager for the garden, it was a pleasant surprise to have such a hands-on, detail-oriented, and upbeat Wedding Planner onsite. Dom was ready to assist at any moment, had solutions ready to go and was a HUGE component to a flawless and happy Ever After for the couple. We can't wait to have her onsite again in the near future." - Japanese Gardens Phoenix

Ethan BeazleyEthan Beazley 

Q11: What are your goals and aspirations for your wedding planning company in the future?

Cue the enneagram 3, I have a ton of goals for Soul Agave and the wedding industry. The 30,000-foot view reveals disruption and innovation. In the best way. I’m currently building a team of tech and knowledge commerce experts to help create a giant digital footprint in the wedding space. Soon, Soul Agave will give couples across the globe access to online services and community support that makes planning easier and more enjoyable than ever!

Ashley Guice Ashley Guice 

Q12: How can couples get in touch with your company and start the process of planning their dream wedding with you?

Simple! Email us or check out our website Let's start crafting your unforgettable wedding journey with Soul Agave. 

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