Golden Hour Shoot Pays Homage to Spring in Arizona

Dreamy details, romantic florals and a perfect pup come together in an intimate design scheme
Written by
Chelsea Gibson


Arizona Bride 2023 Spring/Summer

When creating in such an‭ ‬iconic‭ ‬space‭ (‬such as a lake in the middle of the desert‭), ‬it’s always a good idea to really‭ ‬embrace‭ ‬the surroundings‭. ‬What is Mother Nature already delivering‭? How can we take this handout and turn it into something that’s our own‭? ‬Take that‭ ‬inspiration‭ ‬where it’s given‭, ‬whenever possible‭!‬

Hannah Ball of Ball Photo Co

On a spring day in April, a lovely, golden setting awakened at Butcher Jones Beach on Saguaro Lake. Hannah Ball of Ball Photo Co attributed the inspiration for the styled shoot to Arizona’s most abundant spring flower, the Palo Verde blossom. “In the spring, they have the most gorgeous yellow blooms all over the valley,” she noted. “As if we don’t have enough sunshine, it only adds to the sunny feeling of the desertscape all around us.”  

From there, the team chose complementary colors to round out their vision—terra cotta, apricot, taupe and a few touches of peach and blush. The remaining details were dreamed up with the hope of blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings. The florals, a symphony of textures and movement, incorporated apricot hues to accent the bright yellow tree blossoms where the ceremony and sweetheart table sat. Butterfly ranunculus, blush lisianthus and mustard roses were just a few of the varietals used. When it came to the ceremony installation, the design played off a drooping tree branch, giving the illusion of fading into the tree itself. Hand-water-colored invitations, a vintage gown and a cameo from a certain furry friend added to the allure of the sun-kissed day. 


City State:

Mesa, AZ


Central AZ