A Vibrant Southwestern Rehearsal Dinner at The Icehouse in Phoenix

Tex-mex and vinyl décor at this set the tone for a wedding weekend of style.
Written by
Sherri Hildebrandt


Arizona Bride Fall/Winter 2023

When Erin Jarvis and Jake Cotta were planning their February wedding, they looked forward to welcoming guests from out of town and wanted to share their favorite things about the Phoenix they’ve come to know.

The fun-loving couple wanted a playful, unforgettable experience that combined two of their shared interests: vinyl records and Mexican food. And Justine Fritz of Justine Fritz Weddings knew just how to bring those elements together in a rehearsal dinner with a lively Mexican theme at The Icehouse.

“We designed with an abundance of texture through fabulous clay and rattan elements,” Fritz said, “[including] collected and curated décor and lounge items that were reminiscent of 1990s Tex-Mex and southwestern décor.” Vinyl records also found their way into some of the tablescapes.

Wooden bistro chairs and sweetheart tables created a rustic feel, accented with colorful, bold bouquets of orange, red and coral flowers and greenery, and royal blue napkins and table linens. Lounge furniture throughout the venue maintained the royal blue and golden color scheme, and provided a space to kick back and relax before the big event the next day.

Guests noshed on Mexican fare, and for dessert, a chocolate fondue station offered everything from pineapple and strawberries to marshmallows and cookies.

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