Bridal Beauty With Boudoir

The goal is to deliver cozy, classy, and sexy images that you'll cherish
Written by
Alexa Mahn

In the age of all things bridal, there is one bride-centered activity that does not get the hype it deserves ahead of any big day. Boudoir photography is in a realm of its own in the wedding industry and rightfully so. The ability to highlight and accentuate a moment in your life having to do with your wedding day while making it all about you as the bride is the goal within this special type of photography. 

Stephen, owner of Arcadia Boudoir shared his insight with boudoir photography and his emphasis on ensuring his clients see themselves as they have always dreamed of. He shared his mission to deliver cozy, classy, and -- of course -- sexy images that you (and your spouse) will cherish forever. “My goal is to give you an image of the real you, just a little bit amplified, never over-processed. It isn't just a portrait session, it's a confidence-boosting experience. Believe me, l've done it twice for myself. As a male in a genre more often associated with women photographers, I offer a rare experience. My perspective gives room for my sessions to highlight the subtle nuances of feminine beauty and sensuality in an uplifting and inspiring way" Stephen said.

Making this a part of your wedding experience is something you will never forget and always have to look back on. If there was ever something to take a leap towards this would be it. Set aside that comfort zone and take a chance on seeing yourself at your sexiest ahead of the biggest day of your life.