High-Fashion Editorial at Tanque Verde Ranch

Fashion Shoot
Meet me in the desert
Written by
Chelsea Gibson


Arizona Bride 2023 Spring/Summer

Tucked just outside of Tucson sits the sprawling Tanque Verde Ranch—a rustic-meets-refined oasis where hospitality is paramount and no detail is‭ ‬overlooked‭. ‬The ranch‭, ‬founded in 1868‭, ‬is a trending locale to tie the knot for‭ ‬Arizonans and tourists alike‭ (‬it’s already booking weddings well into 2025‭!). ‬With‭ ‬abundant cacti‭, ‬pink structures‭, ‬Southwest charm and a few cameos from the‭ ‬ranch’s 200-plus horse residents‭, ‬this high-fashion editorial shows us what‭ ‬Arizona wedding dreams are made of‭.‬

Blueby Enzoani “Payden” gown ($2,000) from J Bridal Boutique. Earrings by Faris

Abella “E200” gown ($2,000) from Wedding Belles Bridal Boutique. Earrings by Faris.

Justin Alexander Signature “Effie” gown ($2,000) from J Bridal Boutique. Boots from Boot Barn.

Justin Alexander‭ ‬“Citrine”gown‭ ‬($‬3,000-$3,500‭) ‬from Adore Bridal‭.‬ Earrings are vintage‭.‬


‬Justin Alexander Signature‭ ‬“Bobbie”‭ ‬gown‭ ($‬2,700‭)‬with Haute Bride‭ ‬earrings‭ ($‬110‭) ‬from‭ ‬J Bridal Boutique‭. ‬Veil from Wedding Belles‭ ‬Bridal Boutique‭.‬

‬Justin Alexander‭ ‬“Fletcher”‭ ‬gown‭ ($‬1,600-$2,000‭) ‬from Adore Bridal‭. ‬Bolero from Wedding Belles Bridal Boutique‭.‬

 ‬Allure Bridal‭ ‬"
24101”‭ ‬gown‭ ($‬2,500‭) ‬from Wedding Belles Bridal Boutique‭. ‬Earrings by Faris‭. ‬

Cover photo: ‬Eva Lendel‭ ‬“Alegra”‭ ‬gown and Untamed Petals’‭ ‬“Palm Beach Gloves”‭ ‬from J Bridal Boutique‭. ‬Earrings by Faris‭.‬