Desert Drama Takes Form at Phoenix Botanical Gardens in Wedding-Day Design

Styled Shoot
Impeccable attention to detail and special touches inspire a thoroughly modern wedding.
Written by
Sherri Hildebrandt


Arizona Bride Spring/Summer 2024

The Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix served as an enchanting oasis for a minimalist wedding scheme to thrive—from the fringed deep-V gown to design elements rich in textures, shapes and subtle colors. The result was chic, unforgettable and the ultimate study in refinement. Above, über-cool curves of the invitation suite’s type mimicked the curves of a certain desert creature, and elegant earrings followed suit in the same serpentine motif.

My inspiration was based on the TEXTURES, patterns and colors that naturally occur in the desert. … My philosophy is to ENHANCE the venue and surroundings chosen by the couple and ultimately create an event UNIQUE to them.
– Sheryl Wagner, Trillium Event Co

“We intentionally kept the flowers minimal … just the bouquet, pieces for each place setting, and the cake topper,” Wagner says. “All of the flowers were provided by the florist and sourced in Phoenix, with the majority of them being sourced directly from her family’s garden, most of which grow naturally in the desert.” Understated tableware and glassware were set off by edgy black placemats and floral napkins in a spiraling, metallic snake napkin ring.

I wanted the venue to STAND OUT, so keeping the flowers and details as NATURAL, neutral and minimal as possible was the goal. … Touches of curve and metallics were inspired by the CREATURES (specifically snakes) that call the desert home.
– Sheryl Wagner, Trillium Event Co

The groom kept it casual, eschewing a necktie and donning a sand-toned suit and white shirt. Meanwhile, the bride’s makeup was subdued with just a touch of lip color and dramatic eye shadow. With her hair pulled back in a casual pony, a few effortless, ethereal waves framed her face, allowing her fashion-forward frock to take center stage.

A mini two-tiered confection was a sweet spot of the special day, along with a live painting done on the spot. Artist Paige Reesor, known for her colorful murals throughout Scottsdale, captured a tender moment between the newlyweds. As shadows lengthened and the day came to a close, the couple shared a kiss in a quiet corner of the garden—a magical moment to end a magical day.

It turned out PERFECTLY that everything was in bloom the days surrounding the shoot, so we were able to use the subtle pops and tiny touches of PURPLE and YELLOW for the cake and bridal bouquet.
– Sheryl Wagner, Trillium Event Co

City State:

Phoenix, AZ